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Real people. Real stories. Unreal results.

Somewhere among the sponsored posts, promoted tweets, and photos of cats, brunch and cat brunches, magic is happening: Consumers are voluntarily sharing their brand experiences with others — and their real stories are having a real impact on purchase decisions. Here at BzzAgent, we manage that magic, bringing these everyday influencers together around your brand to drive sales. How? Leveraging our network of 1MM+ social savvy sharers – called BzzAgents – we inspire the creation of authentic content and conversations that build trust and influence brand choices in measureable ways. Ready to get real like no other media can? Let’s talk about talking.

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Generate buzz that tells your brand story at scale. BzzMedia campaigns get your brand in the hands of the right mouths and provide them with engaging ways to share their experiences and recommendations. Perfect for: Generating earned media. Amplifying brand messaging. Driving reach and sales.

  • Highly engaged community of 1MM+ influencers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Precise sales and ROI measurement
  • Real-time reporting on reach and engagement
  • Trusted, authentic and FTC-compliant



Get reviews that matter, where they matter most. BzzReviews campaigns pair product trial with an informed experience to generate honest, insightful reviews in the key places that influence purchase decisions. Perfect for: Boosting review coverage. Increasing conversion. Generating premium marketing content.

  • Engaged community of expert reviewers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Seamless syndication to and retailer pages
  • Efficient and effective across all SKUs
  • Reviews available for use in other media
  • Trusted, authentic and FTC-compliant



Insights for Growing Your Business

The Extraordinary Everyday Influencer

Digital and social media have become the core of every brand’s marketing plan, but influencer marketing still generates a lot of questions. While many experiment with influencer marketing programs, it takes a special approach to integrate and manage it as part of an overall media plan.

Media Planning Guide to Everyday Influencer Sales

The right person, with the right message, and the right time. These are the fundamentals of marketing. If your media isn’t getting all three of these right, you’re wasting money and annoying people. Fortunately, no part of your media plan hits this trifecta better than Everyday Influencers.

Influencer News:

The Process of Matching Influencers to Brands, Digital Marketing Magazine

Influencer marketing is the current cool kid on the block. Brands are clamoring to leverage its popularity with their consumers in order to reach and inspire them to purchase. And it is working. The reason why? Authenticity. Authenticity is the crux of influencer marketing and must be the central theme running throughout all influencer marketing strategies.

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Our history

The original influencer marketing company, BzzAgent has been leveraging the power of word of mouth pretty much as long as mouths have been around (or since 2001, whichever’s later). In that time, we’ve completed thousands of campaigns for many of the world’s biggest brands, set up shop in Canada, the UK and Brazil, helped the FTC establish its endorsement guidelines. It’s been a fun run so far — and it’s only getting better.

The dunnhumby difference

We are a part of dunnhumby, the leading customer science company. In other words, they are the top dog in analyzing data and applying insights from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe to create personalized customer experiences in digital, mobile, and retail environments. We’ve got the social savvy to drive sales — and the analytical chops to prove it.
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Our culture

What gets us up in the morning? Coffee mostly, but that’s probably not what you meant. Here at BzzAgent, we’re driven and united by our purpose, to make marketing better for brands and consumers. Consumers want to know what others think far more than they want to see ads, and brands want a structured and measured way of communicating their story and influencing sales.
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BzzAgent operates in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Brazil